Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tying: Microsoft wins a trial in South Korea Sanview and Technology, two editors from South Korea, have failed to condemn Microsoft. Both companies blamed the U.S. firm of unfair competition by marketing its operating system with Media Player and Windows Messenger.

The court held that and Technology Sanview could not blame Microsoft for the financial losses they had registered. Regarding Sanview Technology, Justice considers the lack of competitiveness (prices) and quality and after sales service as responsible for its failure.

Sentenced to 100 million dollars in the U.S.

As for he would not have provided sufficient evidence to justify a financial loss due to Microsoft. The publisher has already been condemned by the South Korean in charge of competition issues.

Microsoft was fined more than $ 20 million for abusing its dominant position. The publisher has since offered two versions of its OS, which shed Media Player and Windows Messenger. The second has to make include links to Web pages that download software competitors.

In the United States, justice of the State of Mississippi also condemned Microsoft for abusing its dominant position. To end the dispute, the publisher agreed to pay $ 100 million, 60 million in the form of vouchers for injured consumers.

Thus, any person residing in Mississippi and who purchased Microsoft products or Windows computers with between 1 January 1996 and 11 June 2009, can qualify for a purchase order from 12 to 5 dollars. Microsoft balances 22nd by the complaint filed against him in an American state on similar grounds.

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