Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft Bing was online but does not bang!

This is the big day for Microsoft as its new search engine, Bing
(code-named Kumo), this Monday is officially online. The successor to Live
Search preview version arrives in the United States and beta in Europe. Both
versions are different, the American version seems more advanced than the
European adaptations for example.

But according to initial observations, Bing does not bang. On
the American version, the engine decision ( 'decision engine'), one of
phares functions put forward by the editor to allow the user to
faster and to take a decision to purchase or refine
research is still on his hunger.

Decision engine

However, we can now exploit some innovations announced as the
possibility, pointing the mouse over a result, display a mini-window
giving more details. The engine also provides filters that allow
users to refine and arrange more easily, the results obtained.

Recall that Bing exploits the semantic search technology to the company
Powerset acquired in July 2008.

On the French version, Bing seems much like his
predecessor, except the interface that of course has been reviewed. The names of
services were also changed: Live Search Maps becomes Bing Maps
yet, only the packaging seems to have evolved. But let
Microsoft time to refine the local versions of its latest baby.

Shortly revolutionary

For Redmond, the challenge Bing is crucial, it is catching up with Google and the ogre
its 60 to 80% market share in the search when the discussions
Yahoo seem bogged down. It must be said that Microsoft has never really
successful in this area, despite its efforts, Live Search has never exceeded 20%
market share in the world.

But for analysts, Bing is not revolutionary enough to change the
gives. Especially since Google does not remain idle, especially with its offensive

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